Table Talk At WSOP

The table talk that occurs at events like WSOP is part of the game strategy where players try to disarm each other by sharp and witty talk.

There was a certain instance in the recent WSOP when William Kassouf got into trouble for his table talk. This occurred when September 18th, Sunday aired the main event of the 2016 World Series of Poker. The theme of the night was centered on table talk. In this William Kassouf and Alex Keating was featured prominently as both were using word play like weapons to get at each other. It was also to improve their respective chances in the tournament.

The commentator stated that the main event was showing some animated life at the table and there was much focus from the cameras on the two candidates after that. Though much enjoyed the table talk that ensued between the two players, there were many who did not find the extracurricular to be entertaining such as Stacy Matuson.

She was holding an over pair and was planning a call. This was day five of the main event. Kassouf at that time stated that why she would want to bust him with the whole world watching. Matuson faced a tougher decision as a result. She then took her frustration out on the floor staff and asked them why his hand was still live when he had broken rules and influenced the action of a hand by talking the way he did. As per rules, he definitely said certain things that could have influenced Matuson’s call.

Many feel that the penalty that he received in this round was excessive. However, trying to legislate such instances and to protect players by eliminating table talk is also not possible. It would remain to be handled as per situations that arise.