Poker dealer charged of concealing chips in socks

The dealer in West London’s Cromwell Mint Casino was recently caught for theft after he allegedly cast off chips into his socks with a hidden tube in his pocket, as per a report. After supervising him, the casino faced up him and saw chips in his socks. The reported theft was from casino itself, not from poker-playing people.
It has been alleged that the man had been passing of the chips to a confederate during his breaks. New reports suggested that he was fired following the incident, but police authorities have not yet decided whether they should charge him. Police has not also released his name yet.

The reported incident, which went on for a few months, also
necessitated another confederate coming into the casino
later to cash the chips, stated the authorities. According to reports, the police have piled £12,000 in cash when they dug into his flat.

Meanwhile, Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker player was named unfitted from play in this week’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event $5300 buy-in. He was booted out for something that most people would not even think of.

In the middle of the play Esfandiari found himself in the need of going to the bathroom, but he did it under the table. The report first came up in Twitter and various other social mediums. Esfandiari, later, did not openly state what he did. He apologized for it via Twitter.