Sylvain Loosli resume shows his career is on the right path

If you want to track the performance of a globally renowned poker player today, you should consult the Global Poker Index.

Jean Harlan is a poker player with great talent

She is a poker player who has made the game really a fabulous by using here all knowledge and aspect in the poker game. She has made sure that whatever knowledge she uses is the best. She was born in US.

The poker player who has 8 careers cashes and $23,345 cashes on his account. She is a player who has really different strategy and she is oldest player in the game of poker tournaments. She has played at the world series of poker in a very sarcastic way. She adds a beauty to the game of poker at international series.

Doug Polk is a towering figure in the poker arenas

Poker entails skill and sharpness before one may survive tough elimination stages that are dominant in major tournaments. In the advent of online or virtual gambling, young players have got latitude to horn skills and win plethora amounts at a wide spectrum of casino sites.


Mike Matusow-Poker to have won 4 WSOP

There are a lot many choices to make you feel interesting and also inspiring too. In such option, there can be a perfect choice which is none other than the playing option.

You can choose to play any game, yet the choice which you make deserves the best. You need to be really choosey about the game, whereby a choice like Poker game is really interesting and also the game is such an option where you need to handle just the cards present.

Philippe Ktorza - Journey from Online Poker to Live Tournaments

This is about a 49 years old successful businessman, who got the triumph on poker table in a very short span of time. Philippe “THE HAMMER” Ktorza born on 20th Jan, 1964 in Paris (France). His friends introduced him in online poker as pro-poker. His first live event was in Feb, 2007 at Bellagio weekly tournaments in Las Vegas where he finished at second and got the prize money of $13,340. After this, the professional poker player moved on towards live poker tournaments.


Joe Hachem-Poker possesses a bracelet

When you love to play the game, you can choose any game as you wish. Among such games, you may never forget the playing of poker which a professional or the professionals do so. There are number of games whereby you can pick the one which you wish to play so. Poker is a game where you need to handle the cards perfectly and there are professionals who manage it so. Joe Hachem is one such player who managed the art and gained the bracelet too.


Pius Heinz: A major success at a young age

Pius Heinz was born on 4th of May of the year 1989 in Germany. He is a professional poker player. He won the 2011 World Series of Poker main event. He is the youngest European poker player ever to win a WSOP main event. He has one bracelet from his victory at the WSOP main event. He has finished at the final tables of WSOP main event for two times. Till now, he has cashed in for five times in WSOP main event. He won his first bracelet by defeating Martin Staszko. He is a member of the Poker Stars online poker tournament website.


Ivan Demidov: one of the greatest players of the poker world

Ivan Demidov was born in the year 1981 in Moscow. He is one of the most successful Russian poker players. He has reached the final tables at World Series of Poker main event for two times. He won a cash prize of $5,809,595 in the year 2008 when he finished second at the final table of the WSOP main event. He shared this cash prize with one of his financial supports that have helped him in early days of his career. He has cashed in for five times in WSOP main events. He has cashed in for two times in European poker tournament. In the year 2008, he finished at second place for two times.


Poker in Vancouver goes on all seasons

Vancouver, Canada region has several poker entertainment choices available during all year round that could make for a lot of card playing playfulness. Poker cash matches, as well as tournaments, go on on a daily basis at several casinos in Richmond, Coquitlam and downtown Vancouver areas.


Increasing popularity of Online Poker

Have you ever thought why the word poker is so much spoken nowadays? Everywhere you see, even in the internet you see a description or an advertisement regarding poker. This is because online poker websites have been witnessing an increase in the web space population as the number of poker players have been increasing ever since. This is primarily because poker is a fun game and is extremely entertaining. It is perhaps the most entertaining along with blackjack among its family of card games. But let us see why online poker players seem to be increasing day by day.