Mukul Pahuja: An Average Poker Player

He is basically from North Lauderdale, US. He has started playing poker as professionally from 2008.

He has started good enough in his series but afterwards his performance was collapsed and then he has just playing for a fun and as per his record in 2015 he has at the lowest level of his career. He has played very good in 2013-2014 in this his performance was at the top level of his career. He has won $3,309,560 career winnings in his career, 4 career titles and 67 careers cashes.

Unfortunately he has not placed in poker player of the year 2015. Because of this his graph of the career instance is decreased. And he is not in the list of poker player of 2015. He has also not yet played European poker tour also. So that he has no special ranking in his career graph. In World Series of poker he has won $105,329 career winnings and 11 career cashes he has won. He has not won any bracelet and even not went through any final table game. In world poker tour he has played very nicely and he has won $1,673,929 the highest amount of his career from this series and 10 career cashes he has won and went through 5 final tables; he has not yet won any championship in this series.

He has recently played on 24thApril 2015. The game was played in world poker tour and game type of this series was No Limit Hold’Em he has placed at 14th rank and won $1940 winnings in this series. He has played his top cashes on 28thaug 2013 and placed at 3rd rank the series was championship main event and game type was Seminole rock poker open and winnings was $872,625. When it comes to playing he likes to be very promising and honest in entire game.