Matusow Blames Academy Award As Racist

The 2017 Oscar Award this got into some big criticism of the poker players.

The event was hosted by the Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted. He made some comment on the poker players (A balanced one), but Mike Matusow take it personally and he blamed the Academy being racist.

It is the first time that Kimmel hosted the event and the event was live telecasted in on ABC. Kimmel has a great show and he kept the balance of humor and appropriateness in his deliveries all through the show. In-fact, he received all positive comments from starts as well as poker stars for performance.

But all the positive ended with the comment of Matusow, he attacked the event and blamed “Academy Award” is a “Racist”. The vocal players have started a “race war,” in the industry.

And it is not just the Matusow, who has a problem with the content of the Award, but Selbst also raised the question about some categories it the award. There was category present in the award show Best film editing, and best sound editing. Selbst raised a question, how would one know which editing was good.

On the other hand Mike Matusow twitted on his account and said some hard words about the event. And the comment of Matusow wasn’t unjustified. At the event, La La Land was mistakenly announced as the best picture of the year. And the entire team of movie went on stage to take the award. After that the host realized that it has made the wrong announcement and the actual winner of the award is movie Moonlight.

Matusow said, how could happen, can anyone imagine this type of mistake can take place accidently. According to the comment of Matusow, the activities of the Academy were intentional.