US Gambling Law Reviews 2017

US online gambling rules are being reviewed as the New Year begins.

Darth Adelson is one federal authority whose scrutiny remains in the online world of gambling and he has a critical eye on the same. Last year there was much controversy on certain state wise rules coming into play to allow online poker or expansion of such operations.

There were several instances for states like Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. 2017 has become a year when online poker and its current status in the different states are being reviewed and checked. The legislature in Pennsylvania is in session currently and about hundred million has been earmarked as a budget for expanding online gambling activities. The governor has asked for the money to be procured. The online gaming bill for the state had been passed in 2016.

The local tax share issues are also matters of debate in many states. For instance, how the tax share is to be determined for the slot machines is being talked about in the Pennsylvania legislature session. This is also an issue talked about in contention of online gaming. Members of the Senate are in general supportive of online poker venues. Jay Costa is looking to introduce laws that will legalize other online gaming aspects such as fantasy sports and internet gaming. This will also have to be tied in with local shares and provisions for the different states. There were representatives in the House such as John Payne, who had been a champion in favor of online gaming. He having retired, his role is being missed as he also headed the Gaming Oversight Committee and helped to craft the right language and legislature for revenue linked to such online activities. There are others like John Pappas, who would play a key role in deciding internet gaming’s future in Pennsylvania.