Several High-Stakes Poker Players Report Being Hacked

Many poker players of high-stakes took to Twitter couple of days claiming that they have become the victim of hacking and their accounts has been hacked.

Among those who become the victim of hacking were, Vanessa Selbst, Cate Hall, Dan Smith and Vanessa Rousso were some. They have complained that hackers have hacked their account details like cell phone number and the Twitter accounts.

Dan Smith was also one of the victims and he was the first one who raised this issue, he Tweeted his plight adding humor reflecting his latest run at the PokerStars SCOOP.

Polk released a video on YouTube breaking down the situation, some of the victims have had calls from hackers on their cell phone number and how they are being targeted to get the access of account.

In the video Polk says, “Now the hackers have the phone number of people and they can text or call whoever,” Polk via YouTube said. “You know a lot of accounts do online verification through SMS. Consider a situation where I have lost my account password and I wanted to recover it.

The service provider could say, ‘We are sending the verification code on your phone number for password reset. Because, the hacker has your phone number, thus when the code is sent to your phone number, the hacker use to reset the account and then they get the complete access to your account.”

Polk further added that “I know about many other people whose account has been hacked, but they have not come forward in response to that,” Polk added.

Account of Rousso was also hacked and people got the tweet from her account saying that ‘she needs help as he is in trouble’. Later she announced that her account has been hacked and taken over.