Macau Will Show Something New

A subsidiary of (PEL) Paradise Entertainment Limited, Poker Games Interactive LT Game and LLC has entered in an agreement of Macau distribution to create poker video games for LT Game’s (LMG) Live Multiple Game System.

It has multi-game selection system, terminal-based present in market of Macau, live dealers and supports multiple tables. The demo version of a stunning combination of video poker with a lively dealer will be showcased at the Macau Entertainment Show (MGS). The show will hold on 15-17 November this year.

Dragon Tail Poker™ (DTP) is a new style five card games of video poker. It will allow players to make bets on additional card replacement. This will increase their winning hand odds. This new version of game play will use touch screen and it is based on the LLC’s patent on game technique of Poker Game Interactive. Everything is exclusively designed for the LMG System LT Game.

Managing Director and Chairperson of Paradise Entertainment Limited Jey Chun Said “Interactive Poker Games are bringing unique way to play video poker with this launch” He further added “LT Game constantly try their best to introduce technologies and new games to operators of the casino. And by introducing video poker demo on LMG System we are really excited and we are hopeful that these games will complement our current baccarat games. Looking at the response we have increased the availability of the setup of stadiums in Macau.”

The new game that is created by PokerStars and others is called as Beat the Clock, this timed tournament is fresh interesting concept. Moreover, in the line of new product it is the latest one. The game is designed to add more fun and it will seem more appealing to players that like fun with the game. Her players will have 10 or 15 minutes to kill.