Macau Will Show Something New

A subsidiary of (PEL) Paradise Entertainment Limited, Poker Games Interactive LT Game and LLC has entered in an agreement of Macau distribution to create poker video games for LT Game's (LMG) Live Multiple Game System.


Table Talk At WSOP

The table talk that occurs at events like WSOP is part of the game strategy where players try to disarm each other by sharp and witty talk.


Inside Poker gets ready for Poker Central premiere

When Poker Central started airing their original show named Pokerography, it was really an immediate hit with everyone.

It is quite rare when poker fans as well as aficionados get the scope to see documentary-type programming which dives goes into the lives of pro poker players.

Now, the 2nd original program from Poker Central is all set to premiere. The new show named Inside Poker with Matt Savage is all set to air for the very first time on 7th March, Monday, at 9:30 pm ET, with a repeat planned for 12:30am ET that evening. The show will also be streamed on

Poker dealer charged of concealing chips in socks

The dealer in West London’s Cromwell Mint Casino was recently caught for theft after he allegedly cast off chips into his socks with a hidden tube in his pocket, as per a report. After supervising him, the casino faced up him and saw chips in his socks. The reported theft was from casino itself, not from poker-playing people.

Mukul Pahuja: An Average Poker Player

He is basically from North Lauderdale, US. He has started playing poker as professionally from 2008.

He has started good enough in his series but afterwards his performance was collapsed and then he has just playing for a fun and as per his record in 2015 he has at the lowest level of his career. He has played very good in 2013-2014 in this his performance was at the top level of his career. He has won $3,309,560 career winnings in his career, 4 career titles and 67 careers cashes.


Daniel Swartz Into Lead On Day 1a at Hollywood Poker Open Columbus Main Event

Hollywood Poker Open Columbus $1,115 Regional Main Event is into Day 1a and 152 entries materialized out of the two starting flights, resulting into swelling of the guarantee money well over $100,000. The event has just crossed level one.

The event of the last stop can already be termed as a great success what with a full other starting flight remaining. There is just another stop, the HPO Championship left for Season 3, scheduled to be hosted in Vegas.


Sylvain Loosli resume shows his career is on the right path

If you want to track the performance of a globally renowned poker player today, you should consult the Global Poker Index.

Jean Harlan is a poker player with great talent

She is a poker player who has made the game really a fabulous by using here all knowledge and aspect in the poker game. She has made sure that whatever knowledge she uses is the best. She was born in US.

The poker player who has 8 careers cashes and $23,345 cashes on his account. She is a player who has really different strategy and she is oldest player in the game of poker tournaments. She has played at the world series of poker in a very sarcastic way. She adds a beauty to the game of poker at international series.

Doug Polk is a towering figure in the poker arenas

Poker entails skill and sharpness before one may survive tough elimination stages that are dominant in major tournaments. In the advent of online or virtual gambling, young players have got latitude to horn skills and win plethora amounts at a wide spectrum of casino sites.


Mike Matusow-Poker to have won 4 WSOP

There are a lot many choices to make you feel interesting and also inspiring too. In such option, there can be a perfect choice which is none other than the playing option.

You can choose to play any game, yet the choice which you make deserves the best. You need to be really choosey about the game, whereby a choice like Poker game is really interesting and also the game is such an option where you need to handle just the cards present.