A Bridge In Hong Kong Has Influenced Poker In Macau

As we know, that during 26 months periods was a period of decline. But, since 2016, in Macau, gaming revenue has been showing an increase, moving upward include enjoying the growth in October with an increase of around 3%. Macau has made a lot of money since March 2014(for four and a half years). It made gains in two figures including much more. Yet, they have to recover more and their money is representing the highest of all time.

The public holiday also added as the factor into an increase of the revenue of October. Plus, the opening of “Hong Kong – MacauBridge” in October also affected the revenue. HZMB is the longest such a type of structure on Earth, with extending of 34 miles that are 55 kilometers. The reports say that the tourists increased in October to 3.5 million. From Asia gambling news, we got to know that Vietnam has given a green signal to a casino project the Island. The Phu Quoc casino will be inside the resort, and this will be opening only the next year.
Though, there are more works of Casinos on workers who have already obtained their license, with a few more waiting for license pending. The license of this seven casino does not allow residents’ service through the Phu Quoc license include Vietnam residents, allowing people older than 21 years. All in all, it is the structure and the injection of tourists that influences the people and poker in general.
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PokerStars MEGASTACK Dublin Wins Platinum Pass

The PokerStars MEGASTACK event winners are luckier as they get a massive amount upon winning. PokerStars ensures guarantee on the prize pool and at the same time keeps the buy-in at a level that’s affordable. As far as PokerStars MEGASTACK Dublin is concerned, it features a guaranteed prize pool for buy-in worth €170 with a €50,000 as the winning value. It is a good value and the player who wins the tournament secures a Platinum Pass worth $30,000 in the PokerStars Players Championship which would be held in The Bahamas. It would start at 16th august at 4 pm in Dublin. There are 4 starting flights the participants can choose from. Players have an option of exchanging €170 for $50,000 chips.

The winners will not only earn 4 figure amounts, but also get a chance to take part in the biggest tournament in the Bahamas which is the PokerStars Players Championship with a package worth $30,000. The package is inclusive of the $25,000 buy-in, 6 nights stay at Atlantis Resort Nassau, travel expenses worth $2,000 and many more exciting rewards. Around 8 players from the UK have already got a Platinum Pass besides 5 Irish grinders. Andrew Grimason, Darren Millar, Dwyer Tobin Monaghan, Sven McDermott and Fintan Gavin are the 5 players hailing from Emerald Isle.

The 3rd edition of the event would take place soon and the 2nd edition took place at the Bonington Hotel. In the first season, Emmet Durrigan outlasted the field of 459 entrants, and got €8,000 post a 4 way deal, which involved Derek Murray, Kieth O’Brien and Mark Clifford. After almost a year, the final 5 players from 634 made a deal which saw 4 players earn €9,245 and another one win €9,995. Pierre Lewandowski was the winner of the day and now the big question is who would be the winner of the upcoming tournament.

Poker Brand Of Bovada Returns To Most U.S. States

After a break of almost one-year, the unregulated Bovada online poker room has returned to U.S. to cater to the players of the U.S. once again in unregulated markets.

The company made an announcement in this regard in late August via sending an email to customers and posting this information on the website of the company.

Before September 2016, Bovada was operating successfully in the region and was known as one of the most popular on demand online poker rooms all over the world, it was in the position of No. 3 according to the information revealed by traffic trackers at PokerScout. But, despite enjoying the popularity and success, at that point, the company declared a transition, presumably selling its poker to Ignition Casino and closing its set up on Sept. 30.

Once licensed by the Gaming Commission Kahnawake, but operating in disregard for U.S. law, Bovada at the present time lists no regulating gaming commission on its official website.

The poker what is offered at the Ignition turned out as a clone of the Bovada client. This led many players to believe that the poker room is still under the ownership of Bovada, but the banners being simply replaced.

But now, the brand of Bovada is back, while the Ignition skin carries on as well. And all are the part of the PaiWangLuo Poker Network. It is the one which acquired the Bodog Poker Network (BPN) along with all of its skins in the early 2017.

So, this is a great news for the poker player who love Bovada and want to play on the platform more.

One of poker player who has good experience with Bovada said I am really delighted to see Bovada is back I was really waiting for this platform.

Several High-Stakes Poker Players Report Being Hacked

Many poker players of high-stakes took to Twitter couple of days claiming that they have become the victim of hacking and their accounts has been hacked.

Among those who become the victim of hacking were, Vanessa Selbst, Cate Hall, Dan Smith and Vanessa Rousso were some. They have complained that hackers have hacked their account details like cell phone number and the Twitter accounts.

Dan Smith was also one of the victims and he was the first one who raised this issue, he Tweeted his plight adding humor reflecting his latest run at the PokerStars SCOOP.

Polk released a video on YouTube breaking down the situation, some of the victims have had calls from hackers on their cell phone number and how they are being targeted to get the access of account.

In the video Polk says, “Now the hackers have the phone number of people and they can text or call whoever,” Polk via YouTube said. “You know a lot of accounts do online verification through SMS. Consider a situation where I have lost my account password and I wanted to recover it. Continue reading Several High-Stakes Poker Players Report Being Hacked

Matusow Blames Academy Award As Racist

The 2017 Oscar Award this got into some big criticism of the poker players.

The event was hosted by the Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted. He made some comment on the poker players (A balanced one), but Mike Matusow take it personally and he blamed the Academy being racist.

It is the first time that Kimmel hosted the event and the event was live telecasted in on ABC. Kimmel has a great show and he kept the balance of humor and appropriateness in his deliveries all through the show. In-fact, he received all positive comments from starts as well as poker stars for performance.

But all the positive ended with the comment of Matusow, he attacked the event and blamed “Academy Award” is a “Racist”. The vocal players have started a “race war,” in the industry.

And it is not just the Matusow, who has a problem with the content of the Award, but Selbst also raised the question about some categories it the award. There was category present in the award show Best film editing, and best sound editing. Selbst raised a question, how would one know which editing was good.

On the other hand Mike Matusow twitted on his account and said some hard words about the event. And the comment of Matusow wasn’t unjustified. At the event, La La Land was mistakenly announced as the best picture of the year. And the entire team of movie went on stage to take the award. After that the host realized that it has made the wrong announcement and the actual winner of the award is movie Moonlight.

Matusow said, how could happen, can anyone imagine this type of mistake can take place accidently. According to the comment of Matusow, the activities of the Academy were intentional.

US Gambling Law Reviews 2017

US online gambling rules are being reviewed as the New Year begins.

Darth Adelson is one federal authority whose scrutiny remains in the online world of gambling and he has a critical eye on the same. Last year there was much controversy on certain state wise rules coming into play to allow online poker or expansion of such operations.

There were several instances for states like Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. 2017 has become a year when online poker and its current status in the different states are being reviewed and checked. The legislature in Pennsylvania is in session currently and about hundred million has been earmarked as a budget for expanding online gambling activities. The governor has asked for the money to be procured. The online gaming bill for the state had been passed in 2016.

The local tax share issues are also matters of debate in many states. For instance, how the tax share is to be determined for the slot machines is being talked about in the Pennsylvania legislature session. This is also an issue talked about in contention of online gaming. Members of the Senate are in general supportive of online poker venues. Jay Costa is looking to introduce laws that will legalize other online gaming aspects such as fantasy sports and internet gaming. This will also have to be tied in with local shares and provisions for the different states. There were representatives in the House such as John Payne, who had been a champion in favor of online gaming. He having retired, his role is being missed as he also headed the Gaming Oversight Committee and helped to craft the right language and legislature for revenue linked to such online activities. There are others like John Pappas, who would play a key role in deciding internet gaming’s future in Pennsylvania.

Macau Will Show Something New

A subsidiary of (PEL) Paradise Entertainment Limited, Poker Games Interactive LT Game and LLC has entered in an agreement of Macau distribution to create poker video games for LT Game’s (LMG) Live Multiple Game System.

It has multi-game selection system, terminal-based present in market of Macau, live dealers and supports multiple tables. The demo version of a stunning combination of video poker with a lively dealer will be showcased at the Macau Entertainment Show (MGS). The show will hold on 15-17 November this year.

Dragon Tail Poker™ (DTP) is a new style five card games of video poker. It will allow players to make bets on additional card replacement. This will increase their winning hand odds. This new version of game play will use touch screen and it is based on the LLC’s patent on game technique of Poker Game Interactive. Everything is exclusively designed for the LMG System LT Game.

Managing Director and Chairperson of Paradise Entertainment Limited Jey Chun Said “Interactive Poker Games are bringing unique way to play video poker with this launch” He further added “LT Game constantly try their best to introduce technologies and new games to operators of the casino. And by introducing video poker demo on LMG System we are really excited and we are hopeful that these games will complement our current baccarat games. Looking at the response we have increased the availability of the setup of stadiums in Macau.”

The new game that is created by PokerStars and others is called as Beat the Clock, this timed tournament is fresh interesting concept. Moreover, in the line of new product it is the latest one. The game is designed to add more fun and it will seem more appealing to players that like fun with the game. Her players will have 10 or 15 minutes to kill.

Table Talk At WSOP

The table talk that occurs at events like WSOP is part of the game strategy where players try to disarm each other by sharp and witty talk.

There was a certain instance in the recent WSOP when William Kassouf got into trouble for his table talk. This occurred when September 18th, Sunday aired the main event of the 2016 World Series of Poker. The theme of the night was centered on table talk. In this William Kassouf and Alex Keating was featured prominently as both were using word play like weapons to get at each other. It was also to improve their respective chances in the tournament.

The commentator stated that the main event was showing some animated life at the table and there was much focus from the cameras on the two candidates after that. Though much enjoyed the table talk that ensued between the two players, there were many who did not find the extracurricular to be entertaining such as Stacy Matuson.

She was holding an over pair and was planning a call. This was day five of the main event. Kassouf at that time stated that why she would want to bust him with the whole world watching. Matuson faced a tougher decision as a result. She then took her frustration out on the floor staff and asked them why his hand was still live when he had broken rules and influenced the action of a hand by talking the way he did. As per rules, he definitely said certain things that could have influenced Matuson’s call.

Many feel that the penalty that he received in this round was excessive. However, trying to legislate such instances and to protect players by eliminating table talk is also not possible. It would remain to be handled as per situations that arise.

Inside Poker gets ready for Poker Central premiere

When Poker Central started airing their original show named Pokerography, it was really an immediate hit with everyone.

It is quite rare when poker fans as well as aficionados get the scope to see documentary-type programming which dives goes into the lives of pro poker players.

Now, the 2nd original program from Poker Central is all set to premiere. The new show named Inside Poker with Matt Savage is all set to air for the very first time on 7th March, Monday, at 9:30 pm ET, with a repeat planned for 12:30am ET that evening. The show will also be streamed on PokerCentral.com.

Poker enthusiasts will get a different type of perceptivity into the poker world with the brand new show, full of permeate conversations as well as inside info right from top professionals as well as industry insiders.

No doubt, Matt Savage is the obvious host of the show, and it just makes sense that he was asked to host this program. Matt is as much of an insider in this game as a person could get, though he stays one of the most reachable people in this industry. Matt has been a part of the world of poker since he was just twenty-one years of age, spending a lot of time as a tournament director.

He relished his job enough to be one of the establishing members of Tournament Directors Association, and he has even worked with establishments such as, World Poker Tour as well as World Series of Poker. Presently, he works as WPT Executive Tour Director and recently he won American Poker Awards honor of “Industry Person of the Year” for 2015.

Poker dealer charged of concealing chips in socks

The dealer in West London’s Cromwell Mint Casino was recently caught for theft after he allegedly cast off chips into his socks with a hidden tube in his pocket, as per a report. After supervising him, the casino faced up him and saw chips in his socks. The reported theft was from casino itself, not from poker-playing people.
It has been alleged that the man had been passing of the chips to a confederate during his breaks. New reports suggested that he was fired following the incident, but police authorities have not yet decided whether they should charge him. Police has not also released his name yet.

The reported incident, which went on for a few months, also
necessitated another confederate coming into the casino
later to cash the chips, stated the authorities. According to reports, the police have piled £12,000 in cash when they dug into his flat.

Meanwhile, Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker player was named unfitted from play in this week’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event $5300 buy-in. He was booted out for something that most people would not even think of.

In the middle of the play Esfandiari found himself in the need of going to the bathroom, but he did it under the table. The report first came up in Twitter and various other social mediums. Esfandiari, later, did not openly state what he did. He apologized for it via Twitter.